College Athletics Recruiting

Personal One on One Advisement

Victory Collegiate Consulting is committed to assisting families develop an informed and systematic approach to navigating college recruiting with success and confidence. We are a hidden champion and our steadfast obligation and dedicated purpose is to understand and appreciate the individual needs of each family we advise, and provide them with sound planning and effective guidance as they prepare for what will be one of the most important life decisions their children will make. Our core aim is to position Victory Collegiate Consulting at the vanguard of “true” student-athlete advisement.

-Tom Kovic, Founder/Principal

What people are saying

“It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks for all of your help and support. What a crazy ride this was! From beginning to end (including during her extremely difficult injury) you provided our daughter with so much support and guidance. Many, many thanks for being such a great mentor during this process.”Nancy Cathey, Alexandria, VA
“We are so thankful to have had you assist and guide us through Ryan’s baseball recruiting and college search process. We learned and experienced so much and will never forget what you did for Ryan (and us). You were truly a 'coach', 'mentor', 'friend.'"Chris and Gary Eisenacher, Media, PA
“The impact you have made on me during the past year has been tremendous. You helped me learn about myself throughout the recruiting process and I can't thank you enough for being by my side. I would not be attending Arizona in the fall if it wasn’t for your guidance and I appreciate everything you have done.”Sophia Campana, Fort Collins, CO
“It was wonderful for Martha and me as parents and for Quinn as the student-athlete to work with you throughout the process. I know you spent a lot of extra time with us, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”Bill and Martha Benintende, Kennett Square, PA
“Thanks for a wonderful presentation last night. The parents and athletes both left with a new outlook on “the process” thanks to you. I’ve already gotten calls asking if there will be a repeat performance. I really appreciate all you do for athletes and their families.”Steve Cook, Owner/Director of Grand Slam USA, Malvern, PA
“We opened the e-mail from Columbia and first jumped for joy, then we were all humbled and brought to tears! You were so wonderful with Zach, and such an amazing person and coach. Zach learned so much from you and it will serve him well throughout his life.”Betty Ho, Reston, VA