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"Plan ahead...It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark"

Education is critical to effective navigation of the college recruiting process and Tom Kovic’s presentations and seminars will focus on delivering “essential" tools and information that will help participants develop confidence in becoming best prepared for making a truly important life decision. Each seminar will discuss the following areas of athletic recruiting:

  • Detailed time lines to utilize in streamlining an efficient and productive recruiting process.
  • Pertinent questions clients should ask coaches.
  • Tips on building a strong, efficient and self promoting personal profile and video.
  • Communication with college coaches and how to effectively promote and position the student athlete.
  • Admissions: The Ivy League, D-3 and how the student-athlete is viewed as "special interest."
  • Athletic Scholarships. A detailed look at what is available and how to best proceed.
  • Financial Aid: Pre-reads and special opportunities for non scholarship schools.
  • Understanding NCAA rules regarding contacts, evaluations and eligibility.
  • College visits: Critical tips on making substantial impressions.
  • Promoting the student athlete and aligning with the recruiting goals of the college coach.
  • Organization and Management of the college athletics quest.


Below is a schedule of seminars Victory Collegiate Consulting will be hosting. Please contact us at 610-620-3189 about your interest in attending these seminars or scheduling a presentation at your institution or sports club in the near future!