“We are what we repeatedly do…Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” -Aristotle  

“Victory Collegiate Consulting is committed to advising families in developing an informed and systematic approach to successful navigation of the college recruiting process. Our purpose is to understand and appreciate the individual needs of each family we serve. We provide families and prospects with a comprehensive yet simplified knowledge base and effective strategies to embrace what will likely be one of the most important life decisions their children will make.”  Tom Kovic Founder/Principal Advisor


We solve problems

As advisors, we simply fix upon a vision; motivate our clients and develop a master road map to reach that end. Whether you are looking to gain an athletic scholarship, or gain support in admissions to a select academic institution,  we make every effort to guide the family step by step to help deliver their goal. We care about your personal college quest and how we can help you improve your recruiting plan to maximize the college search. We take a prudent look at your sons or daughters current position from a fresh, inside perspective and then roll our sleeves up in an effort to help build traction in the college recruiting process as “the rubber meets the road.”

We make it simple

We are always available and make it easy for you to communicate with us and strongly encourage you to be an integral part of the team. When we engage in specific assignments, the steps are clear to what will be needed in order to “hit the mark.” We believe in clearly defining the goals of the project, connecting regularly as a team and embracing “simplicity” as the ultimate sophistication.”

We grow relationships

Victory is a “mom and pop service” and we like it that way. We are “quality driven” and collaborate with limited and manageable number of families in a dedicated effort to make the college search “go.” We strive to partner with you and other team members (club/high school coach, guidance counselor etc.) in a meaningful way, by getting to know you, your goals, passions and individual needs. Our role is to simply identify the plan, target the operatives and help our families advance.

We listen to you

We don’t use a one size fits all or cookie cutter approach. We take the time to listen to your needs and develop solutions unique to your challenges. In the final analysis, gaining individual awareness about the college search for athletes is a key component for success and we value an educated approach to arriving at an important “life choice.”

We’re smart

Smart in how we approach your family. Strategic in how we plan the college search for athletes. We work with you to help you grow a simple yet strong understanding about college recruiting. We want you and your children to reach a comfort level in effectively engaging college coaches in a respectful, personal and productive manner in an effort to find the right college match.

We are responsive no matter where you are!

We live and breathe with our families. We walk with you as partners and are available to respond to your needs when they arise. We succeed when you succeed and creating seamless communication with our families is our every day obligation. We advise student-athletes and families from across the nation and around the world. When we Skype a student in South Africa, it’s as if we were right in their living room. We are available seven days a week and make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

We are passionate about what we do

The strength of our team is our diversity of thought and a willingness to openly speak our minds, but listen better to the thoughts of others. Our extensive and collective experience as former college coaches gives us a complete perspective and concise scope when developing plans and timelines for each family we advise.

We help build life skills

As Victory advisors, we pride ourselves with a long and strong history of success in college placement of student-athletes. Equally important, we are privileged with the families we have worked and grown personal relationships with during the past 11 years. We tighten the “nuts and bolts” of the college recruiting process, but we are also educators, moms and dads and in the final analysis, realize the long term importance of the college quest. The student-athletes we advise are moving toward new, exciting, yet unknown experiences and like a good coach, we are with them every step of the way.