“Victory Collegiate Consulting is integrated in our approach to advisement. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of information while continually breaking new ground in developing an educational approach to the college search for athletes. We value the college recruiting process…From start to finish.”                            -Tom Kovic, President

Unlimited Service Package Call 610-620-3189 for details

The unlimited service advisement option is a one year service, where families have unlimited access to Victory advisors. We are with you every step of the way to help you plan, organize, manage and execute important procedures that are necessary for confident and successful navigation of the college recruiting process. Below is a short list of advisement targets:

  • Initial academic and athletic evaluation.
  • Guidance in selecting colleges and athletic programs that potentially “match.”
  • Building an educational foundation and understanding recruiting procedures.
  • Develop and polish of the personal profile.
  • Detailed contact sheet for college coaches on your list.
  • Create initial correspondence with coaches.
  • Review and edit ongoing communication with coaches.
  • Mock phone conversations and developing strategies with interviews.
  • Development of personal and detailed organizational chart and action plan.
  • Regular one on one family meetings.
  • Assist the club/high school coach with their role in the process.
  • Guidance with registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Assistance in the development of both long and short term goals and “targets
  • Guidance and suggestions for building a strong recruiting video and website.
  • Choosing effective Tournaments and Showcases to attend.
  • Detailed preparation for campus visits
  • Guidance in navigating D-3, Ivy League and select, non-scholarship admissions.
  • Assistance with athletic scholarships
  • Requesting financial aid pre-reads and negotiating financial aid packages.

  Foundational Service (5 hour advisement) $895.00

Families have the option to purchase individual advisement blocks that can be used in several ways including: building a foundational knowledge base for college recruiting and developing individual tactics to close out a successful college search, to name a couple. Tom Kovic, President of Victory Collegiate Consulting, will personally advise families, and during times that are convenient for them. Families can utilize personal advisement blocks in several ways including:

  • Student-Athlete Evaluation
  • Create a Personal Profile
  • Develop an Individual Action Plan
  • Formulate a Personal Organizational Chart
  • Create a detailed College Coach Contact List
  • Personal online and in-home education seminars
  • Mock interviews and phone calls
  • Detailed preparation for campus visits and meetings with coaches

Not sure where to begin? Do you need guidance in a specific area of recruiting? Individualized advisement is the aim of the 5 hour block option and providing families with the exact information they require will only assist them in streamlining the college athletics recruiting process.

Stand Alone Service $395.00

This 2-Hour service is ideal for the family who is either at the very early stages of the recruiting process or right in the thick of it! Tom Kovic will be your guide and assist you in utilizing this time to identify targets and tactics to best meet YOUR needs. Service option examples include:

  • Guidance in building your information base on the college search for athletes.
  • Tactics that will productively assist families in moving their college effort forward.
  • Tips to begin “identifying” your son or daughter’s best options to attract the attention of college coaches.
  • Establish clear points of reference in your current plan and offer simplified strategies to help you build momentum.
  • Roundtable questions and answers to best clarify and streamline the recruiting process.

The Stand Alone Service option packs a lot of punch and with the clear aim to cater advisement directly to the specific needs of each family.

Victory Recruiting Manual   (NEW 4th EDITION) $20.00 + $2.50 shipping

Reaching for Excellence is a comprehensive guide to the college recruiting process based on over 20 years of college recruiting experience. We have implemented step by step instructions on how families can utilize the “team approach” when navigating the college quest. NCAA rules, campus visits, financial aid, video streaming and building personal profiles are just a few examples of “impact chapters” the 4th edition offers. Reaching for Excellence should be your “quick reference guide” when preparing and executing your college athletics recruiting plan. Written by Tom Kovic, Reaching for Excellence is filled with easy to understand information that will assist you in navigating the college search with confidence.

CollegeRecruiting.tv        $49.00

Are you looking for an information website that will assist you in building your knowledge base in preparation for the college search? Look no further! CollegeRecruiting.tv will act as your “go to” information platform as you begin your plans for a very important life decision. CRTV is Tom Kovic’s personal “library site” and loaded with his published articles, podcasts and videos that will help you become a knowledgeable consumer with the recruiting process. Visit www.collegerecruiting.tv to begin developing the know-how, drive and enthusiasm you need to execute your recruiting plan effectively and with self-assurance!