See Victory’s college placements here.

“Thank you for helping me through this process. Your encouragement and direction always put my mom and me at ease. There were times when it was especially challenging and you always reminded me to stay in the moment and focus on my goal. I could not have done this without you.” Natalie Y. San Mateo, CA

“Thanks again Tom and Dave for all of your help and guidance throughout the process. It is really exciting for Cameron to be able to pursue his dream of playing college baseball at at Kenyon, and we could not have achieved it without you.” Mark Catana Pelham, NY

“Victory Collegiate Consulting and Tom Kovic started out as a business relationship where we were informed and instructed, to a friendship with our family that had many meaningful and helpful conversations. I would encourage any family that has a student-athlete to start with Tom and his team as soon as possible.” Brady Rennix Ambler, PA

“Tom was an amazing resource for our family! He helped us navigate through the recruiting process and guided us every step of the way. His past coaching experience was invaluable when it came to understanding what coaches are looking for. He helped our daughter prepare for phone calls with coaches, campus visits and correspondence with coaches. Working with Tom was the right decision for our family and we are so grateful for all the services he provided. Thanks Tom! Our daughter is going to the college of her dreams!” The Kane Family Gilbert, AZ

“Tom, Hope all is well. Thought I’d share a picture of Amie. She is graduating this year and we couldn’t be more proud of her. She will be graduating with a 3.6 and receiving a BS in Sports Management. She was named captain of the hockey team…A year where they racked up the most wins in program history. She has flourished at Sacred Heart. Thank you for your help and direction 4 years ago when she started her journey.” Tony Varano Duxbury, MA

“After one year of working together, Cameron finally got his admission notification from The University of Michigan. You made this complicated process enjoyable. I appreciated all the dialogue along the way – which proved invaluable in helping us find the right fit for Cameron. I would highly recommend you and your services for anyone looking to compete at the NCAA level. Thank you again for everything!” Nick Bock Tustin, CA

”Tom was a great resource and guide to my gymnast daughter and throughout this whole college process! He was extremely helpful directing our efforts at getting noticed by college coaches! He guided us on everything from which camps to attend and which videos to send!  My daughter received an offer at her number one choice for D1 gymnastics entering her sophomore year of high school! I highly recommend Tom. I am grateful that with his help, my daughter will be able to pursue her dream of competing college gymnastics!” Janet Conway Towson, MD

“Tom Kovic not only simplifies sea of daunting and sometimes confusing information but also creates an environment that becomes less scary and more enjoyable. His wisdom, intuition and professional insights became the center of my sons  decision to attend Harvard. We can’t think Tom enough and recommend his professional advice!” Khaliah Wertheimer Newtown Square, PA

“Tom, we would like to thank you too, for all of your efforts and help with Bora achieving admission to Lafayette. As his parents we are very proud of Bora and we are happy that we have you as our advisor. Many, many thanks and hope to see you sometime, somewhere around the world :-)” Handan & Can M. Ankara, Turkey

“Thank you for everything you did to help me with the college recruiting process. I could not be happier heading to Yale!” Emma Firmstone Honesdale, PA

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your help throughout the recruiting process. I would not be where I am today and attending UNC without your guidance and support.” Lauren Ritter Downingtown, PA

“I just wanted to write you and let you know how thankful I am to have you as a mentor. You helped me so much with the college process and I couldn’t have had the success I had without you. I am off to Lehigh in a month!” Ryan P. (’16) Emmaus, Pa

“Hey Tom! We dropped Emma off at Yale almost 2 weeks ago and she absolutely loves it! Perfect fit for her. Just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for all of your help!” Katie Firmstone Honesdale, PA

“Tom, We are driving back from Cornell now after moving Natalia in. She is so incredibly happy to be there. We moved Ana into Davidson last week and she is thrilled to be there and will be on the intramural crew team. We feel so blessed knowing that both our girls are where they want to be for this next phase of their lives and they are so happy and excited for the many opportunities that await them. I just wanted to thank you again for your guidance throughout the recruiting process.” Sherry N Philadelphia, PA

“Tom, you were a tremendous help through the college application/recruiting process. You were on top of all of the details and you provided us with an understanding of the timing, conversations and approaches to take with the college coaches. The guidance and advice you provided was incredibly valuable. Thank you! It was a real pleasure getting to know you and working with you.” Emily D White Plains, NY

“Over the past year, despite living in different states, Tom has become part of our family. His ability to connect with our daughter, Ryan, and create a one on one relationship with her while keeping us in the loop was amazing. Through his step by step approach, we became extremely educated and Ryan was able to move through the process with clear goals and little stress. Additionally, Tom believes in the importance of seeing the whole child and not just the athletic one. With his incredible knowledge of the schools, the coaches and the academics specific to each school he worked with us to find those programs that met all her needs and desires. Through her work with Tom, Ryan has reached her dream of being recruited to a Division 1 gymnastics school. She has also gained confidence in her ability to independently set goals and work to achieve them. These skills will assist her through the rest of her life.” Julie Finkelstein Purchase, NY

“Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with Tim and my family. Thank you for all your dedication and patience, and for getting us through this difficult process. My son is a very happy Minnesota gymnast, and we couldn’t have done it without you!” Margaret & Jerzy Kutyla Wyckoff, NJ

“We wanted to thank you for all of your guidance through the recruiting process. Your knowledge, focus and positive outlook made a very daunting process very manageable and always on the right track. You have a gift. Erin will be attending one of the finest institutions in the nation and we couldn’t have done it without you.” Donna Howell Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

“Thank you for your tremendous work with Ryan this past year and a half. You added unmeasurably to his confidence and poise in choosing Lehigh as his ideal college fit.” Rob & Robin Paradise Macungie, PA

“Tom, we greatly appreciate your guidance with securing a commitment for a full college scholarship in just 4 months. Your personal dedication, tireless energy and enthusiasm helped things run smoothly and timely. You are extremely committed to your mission and are successful in creating a powerful and effective plan with a most professional delivery. Thank you for working with us- you are awesome!”The Tripodi Family, Doylestown, Pa

“Tom Kovic does a masterful job at saving parents time, money and resources during the recruiting process.” Jeff Stripp Williamstown, MA

“A heartfelt thank-you for your expertise and guidance over the past two years. As you know, Sammy was offered a 4 year scholarship for gymnastics from Bowling Green State University. She is thrilled and this opportunity would not have found her without your assistance. As a parent, I thank you for being there for Sammy, you guided her as if she was part of your Family and not just a client, this says a lot about the person that you are, besides being a wonderful mentor/coach. Your positive attitude is contagious, your belief in Sammy was inspiring and your organization skills definitely kept Sammy on task. You are approachable, believable, honest, available, hard-working and I value the Friendship that has developed during this process. It has been a pleasure going through this journey with you.”  Rob Marion Wyckoff, NJ

“Tom Kovic has guided my daughter and me thru the Gymnastics College Recruiting process and helped us get a full athletic scholarship. The process is very difficult and confusing but Tom managed to expose us to many colleges. When I asked Tom to help us, it was a very difficult situation because my daughter was entering her junior year in high school and did not get exposure due to injury and because we did not understand the process. Tom held our hand and guided us thru the process with patience. Tom was more than just a counselor, he was very persistent and at times it almost felt as if he cared about my daughter’s career more than we did.  Tom is very precise and knowledgeable. He also developed a personal relationship with my daughter and was able to mentor her. I highly recommend Tom for anyone going thru this process.”  Berthold Reimers NYC, New York

“Drew got his letter from Philadelphia University today, and we couldn’t be happier. I want to thank you for all the help you have given Drew over the past year. You went above and beyond what was promised. There is so much about college recruiting that we didn’t know, it would have been impossible for us to navigate the process by ourselves with the same positive outcome. Putting together a clean uncluttered resume, contacting coaches, narrowing down choices, so much we didn’t know how to do, or how to well. I am confident that without your help Drew would not have found a spot on the Philadelphia University baseball roster. I would highly recommend your services to any parent who wants their child to play college athletics.” Margot Dark, Haddonfield, NJ

“Our family had the pleasure of meeting Tom Kovic in the fall of our son’s junior year. From the time of the first meeting to the culmination of the verbal commitment (to a D-1 program) in July of the following year, Tom has directed the recruiting process every step of the way. As avid sports fans and crazed parents pushing their kids dreams we were in no way prepared to navigate the recruiting process. Tom not only developed an efficient process for our son, he prepared our son with many life lessons. He taught him valuable planning lessons, how to be prepared to talk with coaches who only had a few minutes, and how to handle rejection and not get discouraged. The recruiting process is certainly not a sprint, and preparation is the key. There are so many quality athletes searching for spots. Hope is not a strategy if you desire one of those spots. Tom Kovic prepared our son and under his leadership our son is able to realize his dream of playing Division 1 lacrosse.” Scott Davis, Brentwood, TN

“I want to thank you so much for your help throughout my college decision process; I could not have done it without you! You have been an amazing mentor and have taught me so much! I can’t thank you enough. It has been a pleasure getting to know you! I hope we can keep in touch as I move forward throughout my college career at Ithaca.” Maggie Verrette, Andover, MA

“Thanks for everything Tom!!!! I really appreciate your words of wisdom and help navigating the recruiting process!! I am excited with my scholarship commitment to Charleston!” Maddy Brill-Edwards, Haverford, PA

“Thank you so much. You have been so helpful with my college decision making process. I am extremely excited to go to Brandeis and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I feel as though I have found a college that is a perfect fit for me and that I could not have done it without your help. I wish you all the best and I look forward to speaking with you before orientation.” Charlie Wells, Melville, NY

“We are so thankful to have had you assist and guide us through Ryan’s baseball recruiting and college search process. We learned and experienced so much and will never forget what you did for Ryan (and us). You were truly a ‘coach’, ‘mentor’, and ‘friend’.” Chris and Gary Eisenacher, Media, PA

“It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks for all of your help and support.  What a crazy ride this was!  From beginning to end (including during her extremely difficult injury) you provided our daughter with so much support and guidance. Many, many thanks for being such a great mentor during this process.” Nancy Cathey, Alexandria, VA

“You were a great support to Sahara achieving her dream of becoming a college athlete and we appreciate the encouragement you gave our family!! All the best to you and keep on doing what you do…You have been a Godsend!” Ken and Diane Gipson, Oakland, NJ

“The impact you have made on me during the past year has been tremendous. You have helped me learn about myself throughout the recruiting process and I cannot thank you enough for being by my side. I would not be attending Arizona in the fall if it wasn’t for you and your guidance and I appreciate everything you have done.”Sophia Campana, Fort Collins, Colorado

“It was wonderful for Martha and me as parents and for Quinn as the student-athlete to work with you throughout the process.  I know you spent a lot of extra time with us, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Bill and Martha Benintende, Kennett Square, PA

“Thanks for a wonderful presentation last night. The parents and athletes both left with a new outlook on “the process” thanks to you. I’ve already gotten calls asking if there will be a repeat performance. I really appreciate all you do for athletes and their families.” Steve Cook, Owner/Director Grand Slam USA, Malvern, PA

“We were blessed with two Division 1 student-athletes, but after our first call with Tom, we quickly realized how beneficial he could still be during the recruiting process. Having a recruiting coach who has extensive experience on both sides of the negotiating table turned out to be invaluable! Tom took the initiative to first get to know our son and daughter personally and then helped us all successfully navigate through a process that we must admit had some unexpected twists and turns. Tom became our trusted advisor and helped us better evaluate multiple opportunities against the factors most important to us as a family.” Ken and Mary Politz, Morganville, NJ

“We knew our daughter Morgan was a hard worker on the lacrosse field but what really surprised us was how she conducted herself throughout the college recruiting process.  Tom helped her develop a plan of action and encouraged her to stay on task. Morgan’s conversations with Tom allowed her the courage to pickup the phone, setup meetings and ask college coaches difficult questions.  She went into every meeting prepared.  Tom’s motivation, guidance and experience served Morgan well with college recruiting but the confidence and maturity Tom helped her develop will follow her throughout life.  For this we are very grateful.” Trish and Austin Meehan, Jenkintown, Pa.

“Tom Kovic and Victory Collegiate Consulting were instrumental in helping our daughter achieve her goal of playing at the next level. As we started the recruiting process it became apparent that we were in uncharted waters and needed guidance and advice. I can say without hesitation my daughter is a Division 1 ice hockey player in part due to Tom’s efforts.

One of the things that truly impressed me was how Tom interacted with our daughter. Tom prepared her to speak with coaches and to have the confidence to ask hard questions. Our daughter had interest from several coaches, Tom had the ability to dissect an email and read between the lines as to the level of the coach’s interest. It was truly helpful to know who had genuine interest in our daughter. With Tom’s guidance we methodically narrowed down schools and we landed on what our daughter feels is a perfect fit for her academically and athletically. We enthusiastically recommend Tom and Victory Collegiate Consulting.” Anthony and Christine Varano, Duxbury, MA

“You have been nothing but candid and supportive during the recruiting process and I will echo Lia’s comment that you have been highly instrumental in her pursuit of gaining a full scholarship. More importantly, you helped guide her to schools that were a good fit for her in all athletic, academic and social aspects. Because of your help we are thrilled that she has chosen UNH! You have done a stellar job helping us through this process. I can’t imagine how stressful this process would have been without your help. We’ll stay in touch as Lia finishes the process and we’ll let you know the date next fall when Lia can actually sign the official acceptance letter. You have become a good friend and it would be an honor if you could be there when Lia signs.” Cathy and Kevin Breeden, York, Pennsylvania

“Thank you so much.  You guys were great. Antonia’s process went very well and your guidance was crucial.” Barbara Chapman, New York City, New York

“We opened the e-mail from Columbia and first jumped for joy, then we were all humbled and brought to tears! You were so wonderful with Zach, and such an amazing person and coach. Zach learned so much from you and it will serve him well throughout his life.” Betty Ho, Reston, Virginia

“I want to tell you how much I have appreciated your expertise and wisdom over the last year. It was such a relief to me when a crisis arose that I could just call you. The steps to a scholarship are simple but, for our family, unexpected situations was where we really needed you. Your calm rational voice kept us moving forward to the goal. Thank you for keeping us on track towards Miranda’s dream of college gymnastics.” Tricia Holder, Santa Rosa, CA

“Tom Kovic is a unique individual that took the time to get to know my daughter and helped put her ideas and thoughts on colleges down on paper. His insights proved to be right on and his thoughtfulness towards helping my daughter was a key element in college coaches being interested in her from her resume/profiles. In helping her draft emails in a concise manner to coaches was effective and productive.” Michael Zucker, Scarsdale, New York

“What more can we say about Tom Kovic? First, and foremost, you are a true gentleman who has continuously demonstrated genuine care for our daughter, both as a person and athlete. Your program helped Laura focus on the best possible schools FIRST. Those schools also just happened to have outstanding lacrosse programs. There are no professional lacrosse leagues, so reaching for the absolute best education, by leveraging Laura’s skills, was our number one goal. As our daughter makes very clear to us, sometimes finding this focus is easier when it comes from a source other than her parents! Ultimately, with your guidance, she shot higher than she ever dreamed and landed offers from 5 of the top universities in the country. This NEVER would have happened without you.

As someone previously said, you only get one chance to get it right. We all want the best possible academic institution for our child. For most families, just finding the right college is a daunting task. Add in coaches, scholarships, team dynamics, etc. and it just makes it much more complicated. This process takes many turns along the way and I cannot tell you how comforting it was to have you there as a sounding board and advisor. You are the voice of reason in a very emotional & crazy process.

Bottom line…..Tom Kovic is the “real deal”. I do not know a better way to say it. You are a genuine stand-up guy who changed our daughter’s life and we are very privileged to call you our friend.” Greg & Carol Frankenfield, North Wales, Pennsylvania

“The Bay State Breakers Girls Hockey Program has established the reputation of developing some of the top high school hockey players in Massachusetts.  A number of our graduates have successfully made the jump to college hockey.  We want to continue that trend.  Navigating the college process, however, can be frustrating.  One of our players hired Victory Collegiate Consulting to assist in her goal of finding the right match for her academic and athletic ability. She and her parents were extremely impressed with the strategy Victory Collegiate Consulting provided for her to obtain her goal.

Upon their recommendation, in an effort assist our players and parents in understanding the college process, I asked Tom Kovic, President of Victory Collegiate Consulting, to conduct a seminar for the Bay State Breakers Program.  Tom graciously agreed.  Tom’s presentation was outstanding.  Why leave the college process to chance?  Why not take a proactive approach and put the wisdom of someone who has been involved in that process for over twenty years to work for you?  I strongly recommend Victory Collegiate Consulting to any parent who wants that edge to achieve their goal of finding the best academic and athletic fit for their potential college student-athlete.” Chris Donato, Coach Bay State Breakers, Rockland, MA

“As one of the largest high schools in the state of New Jersey, hundreds of our student athletes desire to continue their academic and athletic careers at the collegiate level.  The college recruiting process is a journey that must start as soon as you enter high school. Victory Collegiate Consulting serves as a valuable tool that can guide student-athletes and their families for four years.” Kevin Murphy, Assistant Principal / Director of Athletics Washington Township High School, New Jersey

“Sluggers Academy is so incredibly appreciative that Tom Kovic and Mike Schell were able to provide our student athletes and parents with the knowledge and tools necessary for navigating the daunting task of college recruitment.  Our athletes were fascinated with the depth of tools and resources offered by Victory Collegiate Consulting. Tom touched on such intricate pieces of the process, such as the mindset needed to transition from HS to the college academia ranks. The emphasis that Victory places on the intangibles is what sets this outfit apart from any others. When a seminar takes a group of 15-17 year olds, embraces their will and captivates them, you know that you’ve found something special. Tom spoke of the “character GPA”, giving each attendee a lucid illustration of what it takes to be noticed for the right reasons. Like any great teacher/coach, Tom explained in detail the steps needed to achieve your goal, gave hints/suggestions on finding your niche and gave participants the opportunity to utilize the lesson learned in a demonstration. I am eager to facilitate more seminars in the future. My hope is that our student-athletes continue to strive for excellence and fully understand that this resource is invaluable. Sluggers Academy became a better institution by having the men, the mission and the vision that is Victory Collegiate Consulting” James Lagos, General Manager Sluggers Academy, Medfield, MA 02052

“When we embarked on our daughter’s collegiate recruiting “journey”, we felt the need for an experienced, knowledgeable mentor who would be able to help us navigate through the twists and turns of college recruitment on a very well-paced timeline. We had no idea how to proceed but after our first meeting with Tom Kovic, we knew we had found the right person. Tom’s experience as a college coach at an Ivy League school automatically established him as an excellent consultant regarding what is necessary and essential to be recruited at whatever level schools our daughter strived to attend.

Tom mapped out a plan, after close consultations with my daughter, which would set us on course for all contingencies. He was totally accessible 24/7 by phone, text, email, or personal 1-on-1 meetings, to answer questions, solicit opinions, or to give encouragement whenever necessary. He prepared our daughter thoroughly for meetings with coaches, either by phone or in person. He provided guidance on test scores and academic quotients that different schools are looking for along with other important intangibles. We trusted Tom with any aspect of the recruiting process that we encountered and would wholeheartedly endorse him and Victory Collegiate Consulting to assist any high school student-athlete seeking to play at the college level!  Our daughter was recruited by top D1 academic schools and was able to choose the absolute best fit for her.  We firmly believe she would never have had the options she did if Tom hadn’t been part of the equation.  He was essential in making sure she kept all options open and spread a very wide net, keeping her on track the entire time.” Ray and Donna Lista, North Wales, PA

“As a parent of a college bound athlete, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the recruiting process so I could put my daughter in the best position to make a good decision.  I soon realized that the process is so unlike anything I had experience with and that we would be better off partnering with someone who does have the experience and knowledge already.  Tom and his team were the perfect partners to provide a steady hand and a sound plan to achieve our goals.  He is such a good communicator, motivator and coach, which was just what my daughter needed to stay focused through this process.  Tom found a way to get her to respond and give her best through the entire process.  He kept her pumped up and us calm all the way to a Division 1 full scholarship!  Thanks Victory!” John Conboy, Collegeville, PA

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help in the college recruiting process, and I hope you know that I couldn’t have done it without you!!! I am eternally grateful and hope that we can stay in touch. Although I will have a new “coach” at Stanford (yipeee!), you will always be the coach I remember in my heart that helped me through this crazy time!” Carly Cohen Scarsdale, NY

“With the intent to provide our daughter with the best possible opportunity for exposure and presentation to collegiate gymnastics programs across the United States, our research determined that Tom Kovic, as President of Victory Collegiate Consulting, would be the best source for consultation and frank advice regarding the manner in which one needs to approach a collegiate level program. We began utilizing the services of Mr. Kovic in June 2011 to help our daughter better present herself to collegiate programs in written and video format and to help her prepare for the personal one-on-one meetings at the college campuses which she visited.  Constant (and often daily) telephone and e-mail exchanges and discussions took place between Mr. Kovic and our daughter where he advised regarding her written and video presentations.  He gave her the tools and confidence to successfully visit and interview with collegiate coaches.

Through the services of Mr. Kovic, we have achieved success in our efforts to match our daughter’s educational aspirations and gymnastic capabilities with the right college so that she can take her talents to the next level. “Thank you very much Tom Kovic” is the very least that we can say.” John H. Rickman, C. Jane Rickman Tyler, Texas

“Tom, it appears we have come to the end of our journey.  Thank you so much for guiding Xander.  We have grown greatly through this process and to top it all off, he is with a team/coach that he really wants to be with.  You have helped him get to a chance of a lifetime.  Now it is all up to him to take advantage of the opportunity. For us as parents, you have filled a field where we had no clue.  It has been such a relief to us knowing he was in good hands exploring his academic and athletic future.  I could not have imagined having to do this as parents by ourselves. I have asked Xander to keep you posted how things are going for him in Oklahoma.  I would assume you’d like to know how your students are fairing. I have recommended you to other parents as well and I am wishing you all the best and hope you get to assist many, many other athletes in their journeys.  We truly appreciate you very much.” Will Bakx, Sebastopol, CA

Tom Kovic was an indispensable help as our twin daughters set out to be recruited to a Division One college gymnastics program.  From the start Tom laid out a clear strategy and provided support, encouragement and guidance throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure watching our daughters mature as they learned the skills required to communicate with colleges and coaches while coordinating with Tom to reach their goals.  I don’t know how we would have done it without you.” Steve and Cari Bellingham, Irvine, CA

“We met Tom Kovic during the spring of our son’s sophomore year and he advised us as a family through our son’s signing of the national letter of intent in November ’11. Tom not only developed an ongoing plan for our son as a college lacrosse recruit, he treated Greg as his own and hammered home many important life lessons. Beyond Tom’s intuitive knowledge of the college search for athletes, his ability to strongly connect on several levels with Greg remains a standout quality of his service.” John and MJ Stamatov, Foxboro, MA

“Tom Kovic has demonstrated a relentless dedication to Brendan’s D1 recruiting process.  Throughout the process he was extremely motivating and focused on his success. He treated him as if he were his own son.  He possesses all the knowledge and guidance to position a Lacrosse player to be recruited at the Collegiate Level.  There is no question that his guidance and follow up helped bring Brendan to the finish line.  Tom assisted Brendan with “life lessons” during the process… He helped manage his expectations throughout the communication process with the D1 coaches.  This component really stood out with his relationship with Brendan compared to any other student he said he has advised over the last 5 years.

He also emphasized the importance of excelling academically while competing in a very competitive travel lacrosse environment. Tom was always there for Brendan!

Brendan Sheehan from Adlai E. Stevenson in Lincolnshire, IL will be playing D1 Lacrosse for the College of the Holy Cross in Worchester, MA. Tom was instrumental in this exciting news and we are very thankful for his assistance and guidance during this process!!!” Susan and Pat Sheehan

“Tom – I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Sean. Two years ago, when we first started working with you and Sean for colleges, I thought you were just going to take care of finding Sean the right fit for him academically and athletically,  but ,over the past year, you have become his life coach dealing with his injury, his mindset, and changing to a new school.  Tom, you know, the most important thing in my life is my children and I am very careful, in this day and age, who I expose my children to.  You have been one of the most positive, motivating forces in Sean’s life.  From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you.” Pat Delaney, Lower Gwynedd, PA

“Our financial aid was reviewed and the letter you drafted on her behalf was perfectly stated. We would have “settled” on our first award package but with your help and expertise in navigating this difficult process we are in a much better place financially. Tom, I really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us.  With your encouragement and guidance, Tianna was able to explore all her options and she couldn’t be happier with her selection. You have been there for her from beginning to end. It is so refreshing to know that there are people like you who truly care about our children. You are the BEST and I am honored to have had the pleasure to work with you!!!!” Sharon Lettieri, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

“Our family and daughter worked closely with Tom for almost a year. Tom’s professionalism and mentoring style was exactly what our daughter needed as she decided whether she wanted to pursue gymnastics in college.  In working with our daughter, Tom helped her with interview role playing, effective college planning and organization, and helping her identify a list of colleges that met her skills and all that she was looking for in a college. And of course, Tom was always there when our daughter needed to talk. Our daughter and our family are thrilled with the outcome; whether it included a sport or not. Our daughter matured as a young adult with skills that will serve her well in life. Joining a gymnastics team is the icing on the cake! With Tom’s support, guidance and coaching, our daughter was selected by a college coach and will be joining the team of her choice in the fall.  I know this would not have happened without Tom!” Karyn, Nick and Gabrielle Kambur (San Jose State University, Class of 2015), Kambur Novato, CA

“Dear Mr. Kovic,Thank you for helping me with the entire football recruiting process. I have learned a lot and I have definitely matured a great deal during this college search period. I’m happy to finally say I’m a Towson Tiger!” Clayton Minott, Wilmington, DE

“Thanks Tom for all the effort and work you put into my getting into a college for both soccer and academics. You pushed me hard, but that was exactly what I needed. I know I would be in a very different place if you, my mom, and my dad hadn’t been there to guide me. I am forever grateful for all your help, and I have loved gaining a great relationship with you!” Abigail Mitchell, Lafayette, California

“Tom Kovic is as professional as they come. Tom, your help in navigating the turbid waters of college recruiting played a key part in our son receiving offers from many of the schools at the top of his list.  Your help with communicating via e-mail and phone conversations was invaluable. You helped Gryphin regain his confidence when he was down and helped him show other coaches what he had to offer when he needed to shine. He was better able to talk with coaches as a serious potential athlete because of your guidance. More importantly with your help he was prepared to be asked and ask the tough questions. It seemed a long tough road at times but we are very thankful you were there to help guide us past so many of the potential pitfalls and obstacles.Tom, we can’t thank you enough for all your help!” Loretta and Rob Kelly, Gryphin Kelly (Plymouth-Whitemarsh Class of 2011, committed to Hobart College to play D1 lacrosse), Plymouth Meeting, PA

“Tom Kovic is a highly professional recruiting consultant and advisor who possess a keen ability and the expertise to match athletic talent with academic ability for the right college choice for each student-athlete.   Tom is an outstanding motivator and person of impeccable character and integrity, in which I wouldn’t settle for less in having an advisor interfacing with my child on a routine basis.  What Tom did for my son the most was instill a high level of confidence in approaching and communicating with coaches over the phone and in person.  This confidence was not only instrumental in my son receiving many offers as a student-athlete, but it instilled a life long sense of confidence in my son to succeed off the field.  I look forward to our new found friendship and having Tom advise and motivate my other three children in their student athletics and life journey.” Ted Picchini, Moorpark, CA

“My wife and I knew nothing about the college recruiting process as our son entered his junior year in high school; we only knew that he displayed a passion for gymnastics that he wanted to continue to pursue in college. In addition to clearly explaining the recruitment process and assisting in the development of a detail plan/roadmap for our son, Tom Kovic functioned as a positive role model and provided positive but honest feedback as our son implemented the plan. We could not be happier with the results we received from Victory Collegiate Consulting. Our son will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall and plans to participate on their National Championship gymnastics team. We don’t believe this positive result would have been possible without Tom’s coaching and encouragement. Tom will always be a valued friend to our family.” Ferdie Schmitz, Novato, CA

“Tom Kovic did an outstanding job in helping me with my daughter, Talia.  His advice to Talia, as well as to my wife and I, made a significant difference in Talia being able to navigate the recruiting process.  Tom’s knowledge of the recruiting process is extensive.  It’s his ability, though, to understand the feelings and thoughts of the athlete and parents that really made working with him so special.  All of Tom’s work greatly contributed to my daughter being accepted, and playing field hockey, at the college of her choice.” Joel Fish, Director, Center for Sport Psychology, Philadelphia, PA

“Our family loved working with Tom. He was particularly encouraging to our daughter going through the gymnastics collegiate process, selection and recruiting. His positive coaching style is clearly perfect for his current role! There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there, and Tom helped us not only to understand the situation, but to navigate through successfully. I know we received far more attention from universities than had we gone the route alone, in addition we saved large amounts of frustration and time! Our daughter successfully secured a spot on a Major University team, ranked 7th in the country, and had a couple other solid offers. Thanks again Tom!” Mary Casey, Portland, OR

“I was introduced to Tom during my son’s sophomore year. From  the outset Tom gave us honest advice on the admissions process for a student-athlete. He brings to the table a unique perspective being a coach himself. We had clear timelines as well as a realistic list of schools based on Sachin’s academic and athletic abilities.The most outstanding aspect of working with Tom is that he was always available, for any questions that we had. It was most reassuring to know that we had a “go to” person. And yes we had bumps along the way but Tom helped us to hold on! He was a rock of support for my son  during the admission process and for that I will always be thankful. Sachin will be attending  George Mason University this fall.

I would recommend Tom strongly for any parents who have a student-athlete that is going through the college admissions process.” Yash Kirtane, Atlantic Beach, NY

“Tom Kovic has been a strong, highly ethical, motivating consultant who delivers on expert advice.” John Robertson

“Tom Kovic did a spectacular job speaking to our eager group of counselors. He captured our group’s attention (even at an early hour!) with his professional, interactive, and even occasionally humorous presentation. I think this group of counselors went away with a tremendous insight into the workings of the athletic recruiting process and the challenges that face college coaches and students. Most of all, we are now armed with the tools we need to better advise our kids in this important aspect of their transition to college.” Tom McManus, Upper School Principal, St. Paul’s School, Brooklandville, MD

“As parents of a high school baseball player who has dreamed of playing college baseball, the support, encouragement, guidance and knowledge you’ve given us this past year has been invaluable. Through your insights, we’ve learned a great deal, not only about the recruiting process, but about our son. More importantly, Micah learned some things about himself and after being recruited by Division I, II and III schools, with your help, was able to pick the school that was best for him, both academically and athletically. We couldn’t have asked for more.” Dan and Marge Winterstein, Philadelphia, PA

“We heard last night that Robbie was accepted to Brown. We appreciated your help. You were able to provide an important “third” party voice in our discussion as well as a wealth of knowledge about the entire process.” Robert Norton, Newton Square, PA

“Coach Kovic, I wanted to thank you for all of the great advice you gave me over the past two years. You were always there when I needed to talk to someone about my options and guide me to the next steps. This was not an easy road to travel especially being a 16 year old talking to coaches twice my age. By the way, I’m walking on cloud nine. I guess it won’t hit me until I see my uniform hanging in the locker room and report to practice the first day. I’m glad it’s over and I can concentrate on my senior year. What was really cool was as soon as I arrived back home in Seattle the Lafayette lacrosse team had invited me to join them on Facebook. I knew I had made it.” Victoria Maxon, Midfielder (Lafayette ’13), Bothell, WA

“Tom. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom with our students and their parents last evening. The parent comments last night and today were very positive; many indicated how much they learned from your program and how helpful it was. I appreciate you sharing your expertise and time with WFS. Best wishes for a great end of summer. We’ll look forward to coordinating more programs with you throughout the year.” Kathleen Martin, Director of College Guidance, The Wilmington Friends School

“We greatly appreciate Tom Kovic’s work with our son, Ben, on helping him through the lacrosse recruiting process. Since we are located in Texas, and he was looking at schools on the east coast, Tom gave us the experience and insight on helping Ben sort out his selection considering we were many miles away. Also, Tom always made himself available when we had questions or concerns – night or day.” Jake Krocheski, Plano, TX

“When I was faced with the daunting task of finding the right school for my son who was seeking a top level college which was strong in the sciences with his strong desire to continue to play soccer at the next level, I turned to Tom Kovic for guidance. He provided my son and I with all of the information and actions necessary to provide him with the best possible opportunities to meet his academic and athletic goals. Innumerable helpful discussions allowed both of us to have a comfort level with this process that we otherwise never would have found!” John Goldblum, Beachwood, OH

“Thank you for working with our daughter through the college recruiting process. You gained Annette’s trust and helped her balance the needs of a student athlete. As parents we were intimidated by the college recruiting process. You guided us through the process and addressed our concerns about this major decision that our daughter was about to make. Your knowledge and experience proved to be the most valuable tools for us. Thanks to you, Annette was able to make a verbal commitment to one of the best Universities in the U.S.” Mike, Mary and Annette Miele, Easton, PA

“Navigating through the process of obtaining an athletic scholarship is unpredictable and confusing to say the least. This is why the assistance of Tom Kovic was paramount and key to my daughter obtaining a full scholarship in gymnastics. He truly has the knowledge and is exceptionally well informed to provide the necessary insight and advice that sets you apart from the competition. Just one example, is when he assisted my daughter with mock phone interviews to prepare her to communicate with head coaches accurately and effectively. It was through his genuine connection with my daughter and family, that we are so grateful to Tom Kovic and Victory Collegiate Consulting.” Angel Montoya, Mission Viejo, CA

“Thank you for the INCREDIBLE presentation at Wissahickon High School tonight regarding the college recruiting process. You packed so much information into 60 minutes about a topic that is extremely complicated. I think you really inspired all of the student-athletes in attendance as well as the parents such as me. I really appreciate you giving your time to shed some light on the recruiting process.” Regina M. Croke

“Without doubt the college lacrosse recruiting process can be confusing, time consuming and stressful. It relies on a high level of communication and coordination between the family, the college recruit and the interested colleges. Thank goodness for Tom Kovic. Tom brings a common sense approach with proven practices to the college recruitment process. He works one-on-one with your family — with your son or daughter being the centerpiece. His guidance produced a successful and satisfying end to the college recruitment process for our son.” Bill Annesley, Gladwyne, PA

“We knew our son was in a tough position playing goalie behind a 4 year starter his sophomore and junior years. Tom did a fantastic job helping our son identify and contacting schools that matched his academic and athletic abilities and, more importantly, teaching him how to communicate with coaches from these schools. When our son got his chance, Tom had him well prepared to represent himself before these coaches. We were thrilled when he committed to play at a school in the very competitive NESCAC league the August before his senior year.” Fred Koelsch, Ossining, NY